College Treasure Database Update Complete

We are exited to announce that after several months of diligent work by our staff of researchers, the database update at is finally complete! The database now contains over 3,300 different scholarship opportunities from over 1,200 different colleges. The average value of a scholarship in our database is $12,353 per year. Most are renewable for all 4 years, which puts the actual value at close to $50,000. As our data set is now much more robust, we are planning on adding other means of searching the data in the near future. We anticipate adding functions to allow you to search for talent based scholarships (art, music, theater), guaranteed scholarships, and minority scholarships. Currently all of those scholarships would be mixed in with your results, but we hope to offer students and parents a means to streamline this process soon.

The charge to access this data base is a nominal $85 annual subscription fee to families. This is approximately the cost of one college application. So, if you apply to one-less school because you know you are not eligible for any scholarships, you have already broken even without even winning one of the scholarships. In We encourage families who are eligible for an SAT fee waiver to contact us directly, if they are interested in searching the database.

Two recent surveys had over 50% of families only allowing their children to apply to in-state state schools. However, a recent article on Yahoo reports that states are cutting their budgets to educational grant programs and this is leaving many students with large gaps of unmet need. Now more than ever it is important to research college-based merit scholarships ahead of time. This is documented by an article this past week in the Wall Street Journal that shows many families are facing a last minute tuition crunch. Many families do not apply to private universities because they fear the sticker price, however, their children may be eligible for a merit scholarship that would bring the cost in line with that of a state university. We spent over a 1,000 hours researching the available scholarship programs, and now in minutes you can locate schools where you are eligible for scholarships. is an attempt to bring clarity to the college financing picture. In addition to the data base we provide articles and tips about the need-based aid process. If you are a college, and would like to have us create a free account for you so that you can update your scholarship information and publicize your scholarships to interested students, email Our goal is to create partnership with the colleges to help publicize their scholarship programs and help potential students avoid the “sticker shock” created by learning about the tuition at their favorite colleges.

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