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Summer is in full swing, and that only means one thing at database update.  Each summer our team of researchers updates our database of college based merit scholarships.  This year we are adding new information to our reports.  In addition to scholarship information, we are collecting information on the required letters of recommendation for all the schools.  This way, when you check the school report, you will know if you need a letter of recommendation, from whom (teacher, counselor, coach, pastor, peer, etc) and how many.  We also added some new fields to our scholarship data.  While it was assumed in the past that you were eligible for these scholarships with just your regular admission application, we have made that even more clear.  We have a yes/no field if there is a separate scholarship application, and if there is, we give you a link directly to that scholarship application.  At this point, less than two weeks in to our scholarship update, we have added over 400 new scholarship programs to the database.  That is our goal.  Every year to make it bigger and better.

In addition, we have added an advanced search feature.  This feature makes it possible for you to not only find schools where you are eligible for money, but to narrow the list down to schools that meet all of your other criteria.  You can read our article on Searching for Schools, learn about the 5 factors we use to find the perfect college fit, and within minutes create a list of schools that meet your criteria and where you are eligible for scholarship money. Finally, when you create a premium account, you can save the colleges you like and create email deadline reminders for yourself.

While you have probably been told never to pay for a scholarship search, this search is a little different.  You aren’t searching the private $1,000 scholarship.  These are all from the schools, renewable, and in many cases guaranteed.  You also get 1-year access to the premium content on our site, like our Essay Guide, Articles on topics such as finding the right school and acing your interviews, as well as the advanced search functionality.  All of this for just $24.95 for one year.  US News and World Report charges $19.95 for a one year membership to their site, and they don’t have the scholarship information.  Before choosing to pay for the premium membership, you can see how much scholarship money you are eligible for based on your criteria.

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